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The Webfooted Astronomer - September 2000


Randy's Ramblings: A New Board for a New Millennium

By Randy Johnson, SAS President

ARE any of you interested in strengthening this organization? Do you have some wild and crazy ideas for making the SAS a better astronomy club? Do you ever feel that if you were one of the club's leaders you would like to do some things differently or help the club achieve its' goals?

Each Fall the SAS does its annual roundup of people interested in joining the SAS board of directors. This year, nearly all of the board positions need to be filled!

I, for one, will not be seeking re-election to the presidency. Family commitments preclude involvement at a level of attention that I feel the job of club president requires. Mary Ingersoll, who has done a smashing job of arranging club programming, will also vacate her position. Other officers who must vacate their positions because their terms are up are Leslie Irizarry, Secretary; Steve Schonberger, Treasurer, and Ron Leamon, Publicity. Other positions may be vacant, but we were unable to confirm by press time. Here's a summary of what each position entails:

  • President: Presides over meetings, handles communication, provides a public face for club.

  • Vice President-Programs: Lines up guest speakers for monthly meetings.

  • Vice President-Education: Works to coordinate educational outreach programs for the club.

  • Vice President-Membership: Works to promote a welcoming atmosphere for new members to the club.

  • Vice President-Publicity: Handles media interaction and press releases.

  • Secretary: Records and reports proceedings of club meetings.
  • Treasurer: Keeps track of club dues and finances.

If you are interested in any of these positions, give me a call at (206) 772-4322 or drop me line at

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