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November 1998

Goldendale Director to Speak at Next SAS Meeting

by George Best
November Meeting

Steve Stout,
Goldendale Observatory>
Wednesday, November 18
7:30 p.m.

A-102 Astronomy Building
University of Washington

Come early at 7 p.m. to visit
with your fellow members

Bring your slides to show
after the program

In Goldendale, the sky is clear 9 out of 10 nights in the summer and 7 out of 10 nights in the spring and fall. There is no 24-hour super market to light up the night sky. During the day, fields of alfalfa, hay, and wheat are visible everywhere. And at ni ght, if there is no moon, you can easily see the Andromeda galaxy with your naked eyes.

The observatory houses a 24-inch telescope that is available to anyone who wants to look through it. Goldendale is an ideal place for astronomy. The Goldendale Observatory is also a state park, and Steve Stout, the director, is an employee of the Washington State Parks Department. But budget cuts threaten to close down the observatory, and we don't want this to happen. Editor's Note: See related story in this issue.

As Goldendale is one of the best ways to interest people in astronomy, we amateur astronomers are very much interested in it. Steve Stout will discuss Goldendale at the November 18 meeting. The meeting will be held 7:30 p.m. at the Astronomy Building on the University of Washington campus.

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