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The Webfooted Astronomer - November 2000


Randy's Ramblings: Board Nominations

By Randy Johnson, SAS President

FIRST, let me say thank you very much to those of you who have stepped forward to help with the SAS board. It has been surprising to me how difficult it has been to find a few people in a club of 200+ individuals who are willing to participate in the leadership of this society. To be fair, I approached a number of you and all of you that I asked had very legitimate reasons and commitments elsewhere that are preventing your participation at this time. Many of you vowed to consider serving at less busy junctures in your lives.

Special thanks to Karl and Judy Schroeder who despite already having paid a huge toll of previous service to the club, rose to the occasion once again to stand for VP of Education and club Treasurer, respectively. Their commitment of service to the club deserves the appreciation of every member. George Best is once again taking on the arrangement and coordination of the monthly meeting speakers. George has done this for us before and has always lined up outstanding people to talk at our meetings. Ron Leamon is shifting from handling our answering machine and publicity for the club to coordinating new member services. Greg Donohue, who does the "It's Over Your Head" broadcasts on KSER, has volunteered for the secretary position. And Laurie Moloney continues her position as newsletter editor, as does Loren Bush as our Astronomical League Correspondent.

Jon Bearscove is also to be commended for stepping forward for the position of president. Jon is a recent graduate of the University of Washington. He joined the SAS a few years back and has kept a low profile until now because of the demands of his studies. Recently he took a position with the National Archives to start off on his career path and feels like his life is settled and ordered enough that he can contribute to the club by serving. I met with Jon recently, and he has a number of excellent ideas for the SAS that he will be sharing with all of you over the weeks and months ahead. From you, Jon will be looking for your support and experience to help those ideas to bear fruit.

We still need a candidate for Vice President of Publicity. I would love to hear from any of you who would like to help.

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