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The Webfooted Astronomer - November 2000


Forget Gore and Bush—Vote for New SAS Officers at November Meeting

NOVEMBER is a time for elections, and the Seattle Astronomical Society is no exception. At the November meeting, we will vote on the 2001 slate of officers. You can also nominate people who are not on the slate for a particular office, though you might want to check with them first. The new officers will be installed at the December meeting.

Officers can serve up to two one-year terms. Remember to thank the outgoing officers for their dedication and generosity to the club. Without their energy and enthusiasm, the Seattle Astronomical Society couldn't function. Also thank the new officers for their willingess to donate their time and energy to your club. Here is the slate of officers who will lead us into the 21st century if they are elected:

President: Jon Bearscove
Vice President-Programs: George Best
Vice President-Publicity: Vacant
Vice President-Education: Karl Schroeder
Vice President-Membership: Ron Leamon
Secretary: Greg Donohue
Treasurer: Judy Schroeder

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