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The Webfooted Astronomer - May 2001


UW Astronomy Open House May 12, SAS Volunteers Needed

THE UW Astronomy Department is holding it's annual Open House on Saturday, May 12, from 2 to 6 p.m. in the Physics-Astronomy Building, A Wing, on the UW campus. This year's theme is "Three Centuries of UW Observatories." SAS members are encouraged to bring their scopes for solar observing. Other events at the open house include the following:

Live astronomer panel on science fiction movies
The Sky at Night: continuous planetarium shows
Hands-on Astronomy for kids and adults, including meteorites and spacerocks; starlight 'n stuff; make a starfinder; make a comet.
Astronomy on the Web
Sundial & Pendulum tours
LIGO Exhibit and Laser Demos
Live Internet Demo of Apache Point Observatory
Project ASTRO classroom projects
Seattle Astronomical Society—the SAS will have telescopes set up in the courtyard all day.
Washington State Space Grant Consortium (in the Foyer)
Dark Sky Northwest
Mini-Open House at the Old Nineteenth-Century Campus Observatory

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