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The Webfooted Astronomer - May 2000


Volunteers Make Astronomy Day at Pacific Science Center a Success

By Ed Barnes

MANY visitors interacted with the 13 Seattle Astronomical Society members who volunteered on April 8 to make Astronomy Day a special event at the Pacific Science Center.

Several telescopes allowed for sunspot viewing through thin clouds. A pale crescent moon was also targeted. Lots of good information about using telescopes, building telescopes, and about viewing the heavens was passed on.

Thank you Randy and Ian Johnson, Norman Whiteney, Dick Hoerner, Bruce Weertman, Dave Brodeur, John and Ariella Angell, Debbie Lindstrom, Leslie and Dave Irizarry, Devin Meucci, and Ed Barnes.

The Pacific Science Center loves people who contribute volunteer hours to it's cause. We racked up about 80 volunteer hours!

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