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The Webfooted Astronomer - March 2002


Help Stop Light Pollution

Hereís your chance to help save our view of the sky. Itís quick, easy and will only cost you four stamps. Cut out the four cards included in the center of this monthís Webfooted Astronomer and mail them in to your Seattle City representatives. This will help bring the issue of light pollution to our representatives and will let them know that you care.

Currently, the City of Seattle Department of Design, Construction, and Land Use (DCLU) is considering adding an energy code, which will help reduce the amount of light pollution created by newly constructed buildings. These letters will give the city a nice positive pat on the back. (For more details see and click on ìProposed Changes to Seattleís outdoor lighting codes!î). The city is also in the process of lighting several play fields including Lower Woodland Park, which will have an impact on our Greenlake Star Party.

Please take a few minutes now and help make a big difference. Imagine what would happen if all 300 SAS member mailed letters to the city. We can cause change for the better.
-Bruce Weertman, Chair, Dark Skies Northwest

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