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The Webfooted Astronomer - March 2001


Rattlesnake Lake Access

SKIP Murray met with the management board of the Cedar Falls Watershed to forge an agreement for SAS access to Rattlesnake Lake at night.

It was a very productive meeting with three of the managers responsible for lake management. At this time, we may continue using the turn-around above the parking lot. All that was asked was that we stay on the pavement with our vehicles and to stay near our cars. While someone is there, they have no problem with disabling the gate light. It is only there to keep someone from running into it. Do not block the gate as employees of the watershed can be traveling through there at all hours of the night.

We will have a written working arrangement with the management of Rattlesnake Lake soon. That agreement will spell out the rules we would have to comply with to use the west side of the lake, which is by far the best viewing area at the lake. We should be able to add our own padlocks on both the first lower gate and the gate that leads to the west side of the lake. Examples of rules are no fires, no camping, hauling out our trash, staying on the road, and so forth. They are very interested in having someone run a couple of star parties during the year. The reason for the lights that are there now are to keep people from running into the gates at night and to provide security from incidents of vandalism at the Interpretive Center and the lake.

This agreement will probably be on a trial basis for the first few months to make sure it will work and it's not abused.

For more information, contact Skip at or call 425-319-2605.

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