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The Webfooted Astronomer - June 2001


Volunteers Make Astronomy Day and UW Open House a Success!

By Mary Ingersoll and Judy Schroeder

MANY, many "thank you's" to the volunteers listed below who made Astronomy Day at the Pacific Science Center a great success!

Dave Dorais
Fred Quarstrom
Alan Cordova
Tim McKechnie
John Angell
Ariel Angell
Jerry West
Bob Suryan
Greg Donahue
Debbie Lindstrom

David Broder was at the Darkskies Northwest booth where there was lots of interest from the public about good lighting. Bob, Greg and Jerry were outside all day (dodging raindrops) giving the public a view of the shy Sun (hiding behind the clouds).

Visitors to our booth inside wanted to know everything they could ring out of us! Three student teachers were sent to the Center by their science prof. for the event, one gentleman was looking for parts for his daughter's science fair project, another grade school age student was doing research on Venus, lots and lots and lots of questions from folks looking to buy their first telescope.

One of the highlights of the day was meeting one of our high school members, Brianne, who is also a volunteer at the Pacific Science Center.

In addition, many thanks to the following volunteers at the UW Astronomy Open House:

Judy Schroeder, who worked the SAS table
Brian Allen, who worked the DSNW table
Jim Warner, who brought his solar scope

Thanks to all the volunteers!

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