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The Webfooted Astronomer - June 2000


Randy's Ramblings: And the Survey Says . . .

By Randy Johnson, SAS President

Like what the United States census is currently doing for the country, it's time for the SAS to get a handle on the status and needs of our membership.

Membership survey
The SAS board of directors has been working on a survey to help us to analyze the needs and wishes of our members. We hope to find out if members are satisfied with what the SAS uses their club dues for, whether there is enthusiasm for any further sort of fundraising, and whether the SAS is meeting the general expectations of its members for an astronomy club.

We are also hoping to gather specific information for a club budget to plan the allocation and stewardship of SAS financial resources. This is not real exciting astronomy business, but it is important to the health and viability of the club. When you receive the survey, it would be most appreciated if you can complete and return the form as soon as possible.

Dark Skies Northwest Survey
Another survey to analyze the status of relative darkness in Seattle area neighborhoods is being conducted by the newly formed Seattle area section of the International Dark Sky Association, Dark Skies Northwest (DSNW).

We hope that by educating the general public about sky darkness, the case for better lighting can be advanced. We want to make people aware that this is an area for their concern.

You can help with this survey by reporting the visibility of stars selected for the sky survey in the constellation Ursa Minor, the Little Dipper. For information about the sky survey, contact Karl Schroeder at 206-362-7605 or by e-mail at

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