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June 2000

A Pettinger-Guiley Observatory "Tour"

By Mary Ingersoll
June Meeting

Al George
Ken Slavens
Tacoma Astronomical Society

Wednesday, June 21
7:30 p.m.

A-102 Physics-Astronomy Bldg.
University of Washington

Come early at 7 p.m. to visit with your fellow members.

Bring your slides for after the program.

Our June 21 meeting features Al George and Ken Slavens of the Tacoma Astronomical Society (TAS), who will give us an introduction to the Pettinger-Guiley Observatory (PGO)—the largest privately owned observatory in Western Washington.

Al George, owner/operator of the Observatory, has been a member of the TAS since 1977. He is a past vice-president of the Tacoma club and a member of the Board. He's a three time recipient of the TAS Astronomer of the Year award, and has organized several club activities such as Star Talk, Friday Night forum, Star Watch and Public Nights at PGO. He conducts programs for private groups at PGO.

Ken Slavens, TAS member since 1991, was vice-president and then president of the club from 1994-1998, and is now a member of the Board. He is a Student Advisor to the TAS Youth Group, and Youth Director for the Table Mountain Star Party.

He conducts astronomy programs for Girl Scouts, hosts Star Watches at local businesses, develops programs for TAS Youth Group and at the TMSP. He coordinates the TAS Youth Group's involvement in the Mars Millennium Project.

More information is available at the Tacoma Astronomical Society's Web site at:

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