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January 2002

‘Bad Astronomer’ to Speak at Annual Awards Banquet, January 26

By Mary Ingersoll
Annual Banquet

Dr. Phil Plait
“The Bad Astronomer”
Sonoma State University
Saturday, January 26
6:00 p.m.

Yankee Grill and Roaster
5300 24th Avenue NW, Ballard

Send your check (made out to the SAS) by January 9 to Judy Schroeder, 15761 Palatine Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98133. Note your entrée choice-prime rib, salmon, or vegetarian-on your check.

THIS year we have a special guest speaker for our annual banquet. By day, Dr. Phil Plait is an astronomer at Sonoma State University in California, where he develops public outreach projects for a variety of NASA missions. By night, Dr. Plait is the “Bad Astronomer,” debunking the misuse of astronomy on TV, in movies, and in the public’s mind via He is also a contributing editor to Astronomy magazine’s Web site and the author of the upcoming book Bad Astronomy.

“As an astronomer, teacher, lecturer and science junkie, I’m exposed to all sorts of people and their ideas. Unfortunately a lot of misinformation is spread about astronomy, and I feel obliged to right these wrongs,” says Dr. Plait.

Dr. Plait’s presentation will be about the Moon Hoax, a program aired on FOX TV last year. He will debunk the show’s “experts” with real science and good humor.

The SAS Banquet will be held on January 26, 6 p.m. at the Yankee Grill and Roaster, 5300 24th Avenue NW Ballard. The cost is $28 per person for prime rib, salmon, or a vegetarian dish.

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