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The Webfooted Astronomer - January 2001


Final SAS Board Meeting of 2000

THE final meeting of the 2000 SAS board was held at Randy Johnson's home on November 27.

At last year's SAS Awards Banquet, Dr. Woody Sullivan introduced the astrobiology department. This year, John Armstrong, a post graduate student from that department will speak at the banquet.

The board discussed the upcoming IDA regional conference (Saturday, Dec. 2), and plans for the follow-on session for the SAS general meeting that night at 7:30 p.m. It was noted that that night was also a public viewing night for SAS.

Mary Ingersoll had a phone conversation with Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, who works with Jack Horkheimer ("Keep looking up"). We discussed the possibility of having Dr. Terenzi at next year's banquet.

At the time of the meeting, there were about 20 people registered for the January 13 banquet. Some discussion ensued regarding a possible discount next year for those who register early (before the end of the year) for the banquet.

Steve will be out of town, so Brian Allen will take care of memberships and banquet registrations at the Dec 2 SAS general meeting. Jerry will pick up after dinner mints for the banquet in lieu of dessert (so as not to interrupt the presentation). Mary asked about centerpieces (flowers last year - Karl said that these came from the restaurant - the organization he contracted with to bring the flowers never made it). The banquet room can hold maybe 100-120 people. We discussed the possibility of raffling off the centerpieces at the end (or have "star" sticker under one seat per table).

Captain's Nautical Supply will supply some door prizes. Anacortes Telescope and Wild Bird may also supply some. In the past, the SAS has typically sent letters to advertisers in Sky and Telescope letting them know we are having our annual banquet. The kinds and number of awards and who should receive them was discussed.

Public service announcments on local radio and in newspapers were discussed. There are many ads for "Buying a Star" (from places like the International Star Registry) this time of year. Do we need to gently rebut this and suggest more meaningful alternatives? Must be careful and subtle; others have tangled with the International Star Registry and not fared too well.

We're losing a writer for "It's Over Your Head." Can we post something in the newsletter and mention at the meeting? (Note: Since then, Kam Yee, a friend of Mary Ingersoll, volunteered. She will be writing/performing her first script in January.) Greg Donohue would like to investigate airing the scripts on a Seattle radio station, or starting a separate radio show for Seattle. Brian suggested stations like KBCS might be good possibility.

Should SAS participate in the Tech Fair (Crossroads Mall and Western Wash Engineering Council) again this year (sometime in February)? Cost was $225 for two booths (normally $150 per booth). Selling SAS memberships are okay. Booths are inside the mall. National Space Society was there with two booths, with 25-30 booths total. There was approximately 400-500 people per day traffic. The board decided to pass on the opportunity this year unless the sponsors would let us do it for free.

Should the SAS work with local merchants - to have them hand out flyers for the SAS with any telescope, binocular, and related items purchase? "Congratulations on your new purchase - check this out!" We want to make sure we don't get in the business of endorsing certain brands, etc.

Is there any interest in supporting UW Planetarium by setting up telescopes after planetarium viewing? This would currently be the same night as Green Lake and Paramount Park. Perhaps we could do it on a different night (Friday night before, or Saturday of the new Moon). Most SAS public viewing sessions are held on the Saturday closest to first quarter moon. Doing it on Friday night before is preferable; we could then encourage participants to attend the Green Lake or Paramount viewing sessions the following night.

The next board meeting will be Wednesday, January 3, at 7:30 p.m. at Brian Allen's home, 7322 57th Ave NE, Seattle 98115-6231. Phone: (206) 517-5599.

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