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The Webfooted Astronomer - February 2001


From the President's Pen . . . Thank You!

By Mary Ingersoll

FIRST of all, I want to thank all of you who planned and organized the banquet in January, and I would also like to thank all of you who attended. Indeed, it would have been a boring party had you not come. However, for the sake of my health (I'm presently undergoing medical tests for chest pains) I would ask that next year you would all please make your reservations earlier. One week before the banquet was wee bit too close! We'll talk about this again later in the year.

Many, many thanks to Jerry West. He has the patience of Job (or should I say "the patience of a Seattle Amateur Astronomer") and the thriftiness of a good Scot. His choice of dessert was marvelous.

Awards and Prizes

Congratulations to all of our door prize winners! A total of 31 door prizes and eight centerpieces were given away, and Randy Johnson won the major award (a Tasco 80mm GoTo telescope). A befitting gift to end a long and eventful year as our president. Our best wishes to Randy and his family.

Laurie Moloney gave special recognition to the newsletter corps: Pat Lewis and Joanne Green for mailing the newsletter, John Waters for folding and stapling, and Sherry Feld for converting it for the Web.

Several Star of the SAS awards were given:

Raiders of the Lost Dark award was given to Bruce Weertman and Karl Schroeder for their work in establishing Dark Sky Northwest.

Sidewalk Astronomer Extraordinaire was presented to Paul Ham and Bill Bruener, who are always sure to be at Green Lake for the public star parties.

Kamp Kookie King was presented to Ed Barnes. Ed has not missed bringing coffee and cookies to a single regularly scheduled SAS meeting in many years.

Celestial Pathfinder award was given to George Melendez for his work interacting with the Department of Natural Resources for Washington State regarding use of Tiger Mountain for observing.

Master Mirror Making Mentor was presented to Peter Hirtle for hosting the Telescope Maker's Workshop and helping so many with their telescope projects since 1984. His knowledge, experience, and willingness to help others have earned him great respect.

It was a great ending to a fantastic year.

Looking ahead

We already have a number of speakers scheduled for the coming year, including a return of John Armstrong (banquet speaker) who will be discussing his thesis subject: Water on Mars (scheduled for May 16). This month's speaker is our own Keith Allred, March's speaker is Barlow Pepin (with a name like Barlow, he's gotta be good), Chris Vancil of the Mars Society will be with us in April and in September Bruce Weertman will be our guest speaker. With George Best heading up the scheduling of future speakers, we are sure to have engaging and enlightening presentations this year.

We look forward to seeing you at the monthly meetings at the Physics/Astronomy Bldg. at the UW, the public star parties at Greenlake and Paramount Park, and at various groups (Telescope Makers, Vive La Lune, Astrophotography, Sidewalk Astronomers, Dark Sky Northwest) and events (Astronomy Day, UW Astronomy Open House) that will be scheduled during the year. Keep an eye on your newsletter for all the news that's worth printing, and if you have internet access, see the website ( and be connected by getting on the WebfootWeb list.

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