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The Webfooted Astronomer - February 2001


UW Astronomy Department Colloquia

The UW Astronomy Department hosts free weekly colloquia. They begin at 4 p.m. in room A102 of the Physics-Astronomy Building.

Feb. 1: "Old White Dwarfs: Probes of Galactic History," Dr. Bradley Hansen, Princeton University.
Feb. 8: "The Unique X-Ray Binary Millisecond Pulsar: SAXJ1808.4-3658," Dr. Lee Homer, University of Washington.
Feb. 15: (Title Pending), Dr. Monica Kress, University of Wsshington
Feb. 22: (Title Pending), Dr. Pawan Kuman, Institute for Advanced Study
Mar. 1: "Protostellar Jets and Winds, Dr. Frank Shu, UC Berkely.
Mar. 8: "Astrophysics at High Resolution's High Frontier," Dr. Gerard van Belle, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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