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The Webfooted Astronomer - February 2001


Project ASTRO Recruiting for 2001-2002 School Year

PROJECT ASTRO is a program that partners K-12 teachers with astronomers to provide hands-on classroom activities in astronomy and other sciences for children in our region. The group is now looking for amateur astronomers to volunteer in the program.

One of the prominent strengths of Project ASTRO is that it is able to invite and utilize the interest, expertise, and enthusiasm of amateur astronomers, along with the astronomy professionals. Project ASTRO classrooms range widely in ages of students, demographics and diversity in the schools, and activities of partnership; some build telescopes, some scale the solar system, some model phases of the moon, some hold star parties for entire schools...and some do all of these!

The end result is a growing appreciation for astronomy and science on the part of the students, plus the real learning and absorption that comes with hands-on, integrative activities.

Project ASTRO is preparing to enter its fifth year by recruiting the newest batch of teachers and astronomers to begin in the 2001-02 school year. About 70% of the partnerships are maintained well beyond their initial first year, and another 10% opt to continue with new partners, when their current partner is no longer able to participate. So by all measures, Project ASTRO is a resounding success for children, teachers, and astronomers alike.

Project ASTRO hopes you will choose to join the team this year. For more information, contact Linda M. Schieber at (206) 543-9541,, or visit The application deadline is May 1.

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