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The Webfooted Astronomer - February 2000


Dark Sky News: Dark Sky Committee Holds First Meeting

By Karl Schroeder

THE Seattle Astronomical Society's Dark Sky Committee held its first meeting on January 19. In attendance were George Best, David Brodeur, and Karl Schroeder. The group covered three main areas during the meeting:

1. The committee needs to gather reference material (IDA source material) for its own education and use. This will provide a resource for club use and be available for other interested people. Once the material is on hand and the committee is up to speed, we will be able to educate SAS members through lectures, the newsletter, and the Web site.

Particular attention should be paid to finding "success stories," and using them as guides for our efforts. It is recommended that the club buy or download the required information from the IDA.

2. Seek out other people, clubs, organizations that have an interest in protecting the night sky. We'll let them know what resources we have available and invite them to join the committee. If you know of pertinent groups, provide the information to the committee.

3. Seek out the appropriate city and county representatives in charge of lighting, let them know of our organization and willingness to work with them on establishing good lighting standards. Ideas and recommendations requested. In case you're interested, the Time Magazine from first week in February has a piece on dark skies.

As some of you may recall, at the end of last month, Hal Green, the attorney working with the SAS on the light pollution matter urged that we file an appeal with City Hearing Examiner. The SAS received notification that the issues raised in our appeal "fail to state a claim for which the Hearing Examiner has jurisdiction to grant relief…" (For those of you interested, the filing fees are being refunded.) Hal, who is also an SAS member, says that this is not the end of the road and he is exploring other avenues which may be available to us.

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