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The Webfooted Astronomer - December 2000


SAS Loaner Scopes Available to Members

By Fred Quarnstrom

THE Seattle Astronomical Society has a number of loaner telescopes available for check out to members. These scopes can be borrowed for a month. To borrow the scopes you need to be a member of SAS and have picture identification. There is a short form to fill out giving your name and address and the equipment you wish to borrow.

We have three 6-inch reflectors that are f/8. Two have equatorial mounts with motors. I have been unable to make the motors run. The mounts work fine; you just nudge the scopes as the earth turns. Two of the mounts are very sturdy. The third leaves a bit to be desired. Two of the scopes have finder scopes the third does not.

We have five 4-inch reflectors. Three are about f/4. One is about f/10. The f/4s are about 18 inches long and have quite a wide field of view. No finder scopes, but they are small, light and easy to aim. These really are fun scopes.

We have an 80mm refractor that is about f/15. There is a 60mm that is about f/13. In addition, there is a smaller Tasco and a similar table model.

We have about 15 eyepieces in .925 and 1.25 inches diameters. These scopes are kept in a storage room in my dental office. The office is on Beacon Hill about 3 blocks north of the Jefferson Park Golf Course. Here are directions:

From the I- 5 freeway take the Spokane / Columbia Way exit. This is the off ramp where the Rainier Brewery was that is now Tullys coffee.
Take the Columbia Way exit to the East.
Turn left at the first stoplight and go to the top of Beacon Hill. Beacon Avenue runs North and South on the top of Beacon Hill.
Go north 3 blocks on Beacon Avenue to 3051 Beacon Avenue South.
You'll see a brick faced building with a Green awning that reads Beacon Hill Dental Associates on the West side of Beacon Avenue.

Call ahead to be sure I will be in the office. The number is (206) 329-0500. For more information, see .

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