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The Webfooted Astronomer - December 2000


Randy's Ramblings: 2000A Great Year for the SAS

By Randy Johnson, SAS President

THANK you all for the honor of allowing me to serve in the role of club president this past year. Some good things happened, and the SAS is well positioned for some great things to come from the new board, which will be taking office next month.

Outreach was a good part of the year's successes. The Crossroad's Tech Fair, The Pacific Science Center Astronomy Day exhibition, the Discovery Park observing series, the University of Washington Astronomy Department open house, and October's Astronomy open house at the Museum of Flight all provided forums for reaching the public with an astronomical message. Also a number of you are supporting Project Astro as volunteers and otherwise making yourselves available to schools and youth groups.

The beginning of the year found a lot of folks indignant with the Space Needle Corporation's decision to light the skies over Seattle with the Sky Beam Legacy Light. Frustration with this and other matters of lighting policy manifested itself in the action of a few individuals to start a regional section of the International Dark Sky Association.

Karl Schroeder spearheaded this effort and last spring Dark Skies Northwest was established as an educational focal point to supply information on matters of outdoor lighting policy in the Pacific Northwest. This group, now led by Bruce Weertman, is leading the way to a better understanding of how the appropriate use of outdoor lighting can result in good and useful lighting without waste and adverse impact upon the skies and the natural night time environment.

Next year there will be some familiar faces as well as some enthusiastic newcomers in the makeup of the SAS board of directors. They will again be looking to you for your support and enthusiasm in sharing astronomy with the community of Seattle. Thank you all for a good year 2000.

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