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The Webfooted Astronomer - April 2001


Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Events

AS summer draws near, there are many opportunities for practicing and learning about amateur astronomy. Mark your calendar for these upcoming events.

UW Spring Public Lecture Series

This lecture series will be held April 12-14 in Room 401, Johnson Hall, University of Washington. "Pieces of Asteroids, The Moon and Mars: The Latest on Meteorites," April 12, 6:30-8 p.m.; "The Fall, Collection and Study of the Tagish Lake Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorite, and Its Unique Organic Compounds," April 13, 6:30-8 p.m; "Lunar and Martian Meteorites: Introducing NWA 482, A New Lunar Highlands Anorthosite Sample," April 14, 12-3 p.m.

Astronomy Day at Pacific Science Center

Once again the SAS has been invited to the Pacific Science Center on Astronomy Day, April 28. We need people to staff the information table, hand out flyers about the club, answer questions, and show people the sun through your solar-filtered scope. See the SAS Web site for more details at

UW Astronomy Open House

The University of Washington (UW) Astronomy Department Open House for will be on May 19 from 2-7 p.m. at the Physics/Astronomy Building at the corner of 15th Avenue NE and Pacific. The Seattle Astronomical Society will provide telescopes for observing, weather permitting, so plan on bringing your scopes, and volunteering to staff the information table.

Riverside Telescope Makers Conference

The 32nd Annual Riverside Telescope Makers Conference will be held May 2528 at Camp Oakes, which is about 50 miles northeast of Riverside, Calif.

Table Mountain Star Party

This year's Table Mountain Star Party will be July 1921. See for more information.

Oregon Star Party

The Oregon Star Party will be held August 1619 near Prineville, Oregon. See for more information.

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