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The Webfooted Astronomer - April 2001


Keeping Track of Your Good Deeds

THE Seattle Astronomical Society was founded to facilitate relationships between amateur astronomers and the public as well as practicing scientists. Part of our role, as a tax-exempt organization, is to perform a certain amount of community service and public education on an annual basis. We have an obligation as a nonprofit, but also as a group of people interested in sharing our love of the night sky, to offer public education programs on an ongoing basis. Many of us are already involved in these types of activities.

Not only does community service benefit the public, but also it raises the profile of our organization and illustrates our commitment to the broader community. This will certainly help garner sponsorship and donor support for our events and programs in the future. So, from now on, when you perform any community/education service, please document it in the following way and send an e-mail to the board secretary (Greg Donohue, so we can keep a more complete record of our ongoing contribution to the community.

Name (of person reporting the service)
Date (the service took place)
Activity (star party, career day at school, etc.)
Location (Paramount Park, Redmond High School, etc.)
Number of Volunteers (optional: names of others for group events)
Community Service Hours (total hours of direct contact with the public)

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