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April 2001

Barnstorming Mars: Sending a Solar Montgolfiere Balloon to the Red Planet

By Mary Ingersoll
April Meeting

Chris Vancil
The Mars Society
University of Washington
Wednesday, April 18
7:30 p.m.

A-102 Physics-Astronomy Bldg.
University of Washington

Come early at 7 p.m. to visit with your fellow members.

Bring your slides for after the program.

THE April 18 meeting of the Seattle Astronomical Society (SAS) will feature Chris Vancil of the Mars Society.

The topic is "Barnstorming Mars: A modest proposal to send a Solar Montgolfiere Balloon to the Red Planet."

What do the history of ballooning and the Mars Society have in common? The Mars Society has been researching and developing a program of a Solar Montgolfiere (hot air) balloon mission. This is similar to the research and development done by the Planetary Society on the Solar Sail project. Mars' atmosphere provides a combination of conditions favorable to the use of the hot air balloon. The project would be based on a structure similar to that used by Amsat to make and launch their amateur radio communications satellites and would combine COTS components and a commercial probe carrier.

The Mars Society promotes the exploration of and travel to Mars. Come early for cookies and coffee, and bring your slides to show after the meeting.

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