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To help you find out answers to your nagging questions the people below have offered their expertise on a volunteer basis to other SAS members. If they can't help directly they might be able to suggest a web site or book that has the answer, or put you in touch with someone who can.


Basic Astronomy

 Karl Schroeder
Advanced Astronomy

 Karl Schroeder
Buying a Telescope

 Tim McKechnie
Collimating a Telescope

 Tim McKechnie
Computerized Telescopes

 Mark de Regt
Dobsonian Telescopes  
Film Astrophotography  
CCD Astrophotography

 Mark de Regt
Astronomical Software

 Paul Rodman
Planetary Observing

 Tim McKechnie
Lunar Observing

 Tim McKechnie
Deep Sky Observing
Special Needs (e.g. visually impaired, etc.)
Jim Cox (see also this web site and this blog)

If you would like to volunteer for one of the above specialist positions (don't be shy) please let us know.