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1620 Geographos

Sept 5 1994 when the asteroid was 11.4 magnitude in Aquarius at a distance of 0.83 AU. First image at 05:25 UT, second image at 07:21 UT

Perseid Meteor

A Bright Perseid Meteor passes thru Pegasus with star Altair on right, Aug 13 1993

Comet Hyakutake C/1996 B2

16 April 1996

18 April 1996

Aurora Images

Aurora Borealis display 4 Feb 1983 from the mountain loop highway east of Everett

The sun on the following day, showing activity responsible for the aurora

Aurora from 1 June 1991 (50mm standard lens)


Comet Images

Comet Machholz C2004 Q2 on 4 Jan 2004

Halley's Comet taken 1986 April 3.563, from Maui Hawaii using a 50mm lens at f2 for 3 1/2 minutes and sandwiched with a Kodalith positive on the palm tree. Halley is located near Theta Scorpi with Messier 7 the bright open cluster near the center above near the top.

Deep Sky Images

M8 (Lagoon Nebula) taken through a C8

NGC 7000 (North America Nebula) taken through a 5.5" rich-field Newtonian reflector

Rosette Nebula 22 Feb 1990 7 min exp 8" f5

Total Solar Eclipse images

26 Feb 1979 (taken through a C8 near Wapato, WA)

11 July 1991, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (500 mm telephoto lens showing the outer corona)

11 July 1991, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (C8 photo showing prominences)

Sunspots - 11 Feb 1989


Partial Lunar Eclipse - 28 July 1999

Harvest Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 27 September 1996 2:55 UT

Moon Oct 2 1979 83% Illuminated (Black & White Film)

Partial Solar Eclipse - 21 July 1990