Orion Nebula Star Party


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The Orion Nebula Star Party is an annual event held in September or October of each year on Table Mountain. It is an informal (and free) star party to welcome back the Orion nebula and winter skies. There are no fees and everyone is welcome.

We will have observing lists of interesting deep sky objects. The star party is free to all and typically attracts 20-50 astronomers from all over the NW. There will be a hot drink area and people are encourage to bring snacks to share with others. There is one permanent out-house down from the site. Things to bring: water, warm clothes, toilet paper, bug spray, sun screen, ski jacket, shorts, hat and gloves, red flashlight, food, tent or camper. There are no fires allowed on the site but propane camping stoves are allowed. Daytime temperatures can range from 40-70°F and night time 30-50°F. 

Pictures of previous ONSP events

 Where & When

Table Mountain, near Ellensburg, WA. The location is the same as the Table Mountain Star Party and a map can be found on their site.

Dates: September 9-11, 2010


Jim Bielaga