Snoqualmie Point Park


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Below are basic directions to the park. Additional information about the park can be found here

Please note: The Snoqualmie Point Park Star Party is currently a members only event. Club members are welcome to bring their family and should contact the organizer/keymaster (Dave Ingram) if they wish to bring a guest. If you're not a SAS member and wish to join us, now is the time to consider membership!


Directions to Snoqualmie Point Park

  • Eastbound on I-90, Take Exit 27 toward Snoqualmie/North Bend.
  • Turn right onto Winery Road.
  • You are now on Winery Road. The road is not signed but dead ends at Snoqualmie Point Park. Follow it until the end.


Star parties are scheduled for Saturday evenings closest to the New Moon each month. Rendezvous at the entrance to Snoqualmie Point Park at the times listed in the schedule below.

The star party will generally last until midnight, although they can last later if there is sufficient interest.

Snoqualmie Point Star Party Dates for 2013
January 12 (6:00pm) February 9 (6:00pm) March 9 (7:00pm)
April 13 (8:00pm) May 11 (9:00pm) June 8 (9:00pm)
July 6 (9:00pm) August 3 (8:00pm) September 7 (7:00pm)
October 5 (6:00pm) November 2 (6:00pm) November 30 (6:00pm)
The next Snoqualmie Point Park SAS Members-Only Star Party is at 7 pm on Saturday, March 9th.
Always dress for the coldest possible evening conditions and bring a thermos of hot drink and ample snacks to aid in keeping warm. Make sure your Discover Pass is always current and in clear view in your vehicle.

This monthly star party at Snoqualmie Point Park is for current SAS members only and guests who have made prior arrangements with the Keymaster. The SAS has an agreement with Washington Department of Natural Resources for use of DNR land; therefore, a current Discover Pass is required.

Rules & Etiquette


Keymaster is Dave Ingram