Rattlesnake Lake


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Map of Rattlesnake Lake Viewing Site*

Cedar River Watershed Education Center

* note that the viewing site marked at the north-west of the lake (at the end of the gravel road) is no longer available.

The observing site is at the turn-around/cul-de-sac at the gate leading to the Cedar River Watershed.  This is at the north-east end of the lake. Note that there is a pair of streetlights above the gate.  The watershed has given their okay for us to disable the lights by covering the two motion sensors on the lights.  You will need at least a 6-foot step ladder for this.  You will need to use aluminum foil to wrap around the sensors.  The lights will turn off about 5-10 minutes after the sensors are covered.  REMEMBER to re-enable the sensors prior to departure by taking the foil off of them.

The first parking lot can also be used for viewing. There are no street lights there, but the horizon is little more restricted.