Paramount Park


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Paramount Park is in Shoreline at NE 155th and 8th NE. Everyone is welcome to look through any of the instruments at whatever is in the sky that night. Wear warm clothes. Bring a friend!


Click here for a map.

Both the Greenlake and Paramount Park star parties usually occur on the Saturday closest to the first quarter moon, so we always have at least one celestial object in the evening sky to show you, Seattle weather permitting. If it's raining, or completely cloudy, don't come - otherwise, it's always worth a try!

Paramount Park Dates for 2013
January 26 (18:00) February 16 (18:00) March 16 (19:00)
April 20 (20:00) May 18 (21:00) June 15 (21:00)
July 13 (21:00) August 10 (20:00) September 14 (19:00)
October 12 (18:00) November 9 (18:00) December 7 (18:00)
Event start time shown in brackets after the date.