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Green Lake star parties are on the west shore at a grassy area southwest of the Bathhouse Theater, near the fishing piers on the lake. Everyone is welcome to look through any of the instruments at whatever is in the sky that night. Wear warm clothes. Bring a friend!


The Greenlake star party usually occurs on the Saturday closest to the first quarter moon, so we always have at least one celestial object in the evening sky to show you, Seattle weather permitting. If it's raining, or completely cloudy, don't come - otherwise, it's always worth a try!

Green Lake Dates for 2013
January 26 (18:00) February 16 (18:00) March 16 (19:00)
April 20 (20:00) May 18 (21:00) June 15 (21:00)
July 13 (21:00) August 10 (20:00) September 14 (19:00)
October 12 (18:00) November 9 (18:00) December 7 (18:00)
Event start time shown in brackets after the date.


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The address for Green Lake is 7201 E. Green Lake Dr. N.  If you are traveling by I-5 northbound to reach Green Lake, you may want to take the N.E. 65th exit and proceed on N.E. 65th to 12th N.E., turn left on 12th N.E. (one way north), proceed to N.E. 70th, turn left on N.E. 70th, proceed west to the lake on N.E. 70th, which becomes N.E. 71st at 6th N.E. just after the overpass over I-5. (If you are traveling by southbound I-5, just take Exit 171 for N.E. 71rst; and turn right at the first stop sign onto N.E. 71rst.)  Continue on N.E. 71st, which was N.E. 70th, to its end at the lake, turn right on East Green Lake Drive N., follow around the north end of the lake, stay to the left where the road forks at the northeast section of the lake, and travel through the intersections marked by N. 76th and N. 77th street signs.  You will see the Green Lake parking lot entrance and exit signs on the left, lake side near the Bathhouse Theater, a short distance after the N. 76th and N. 77th street signs.  On the map above, the star party location is on the "peninsula" of land jutting into the lake near the small "island" shown on the map (green arrow.)


To reach the exact location, at the south end of the parking lot, take the walkway which heads southeast past the tennis courts to the Green Lake Trail.  Turn left onto the Green Lake Trail and proceed a short distance until a large patch of grass, unobstructed by trees, is visible between the trail and the lake.  The large patch of grass between the trail and the fishing pier at lake edge will be the site for the star parties.  The approximate coordinates are:

N 47 40' 51.5"  W 122 20' 29.2"

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