Blue Mountain


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NOTE: August 2006. The Department of Natural Resources has put up a locked gate on the road to Blue Mountain so the site is currently unaccessible.


Here's a 360° panoramic view of the site in two parts. You might have to scroll horizontally a bit to see all of the images.

First half

Second half

The site is at about 940m altitude along a dirt road, the last mile or so of which is rather steep and very primitive (i.e. badly rutted and washed out). Good ground clearance is strongly recommended. Reports of a Ford Fiesta making it are believable but I would hate to see what was left of its exhaust pipe.

Views are pretty much 360° with some minor blocking of the horizon by trees to the W and E. The road comes to an end at a gate and there is a fair size turn-around as seen in the pictures above. There are a lot of beer cans and shotgun shells scattered about, and when I was there on a Sunday afternoon it sounded like WW III was happening in the valley below. At night it's relatively quiet, but you can expect the occasional visit from adventurous locals, who may or may not be friendly.

Jim Bielaga reports that you can see the Space Needle with a telescope on a clear night.

There's enough space for about 6 cars and telescopes comfortably. If needed, there's another turnaround of a similar size a hundred metres or so down the road, albeit with less horizon.


47° 57' 30" N
121° 42' 09" W
3050 ft elevation

Overview Map

Detail Map


Travel to Sultan on State Highway 2. Halfway through town turn north on Sultan Basin Road (there's a sign to the recreational area). Keep to Sultan Basin Road for 12.8 miles. At about 10 miles the paved road turns to gravel. At 12.8 miles there's an unmarked road off to the left. If you see the 13 mile post you've gone 100 feet too far. About a mile or so up this (rather nasty) road is the observing site. When you get to a locked, bullet-riddled gate, you're there. It's Forest Service land to the best of my knowledge so you won't be chased off.