Maxine Nagel


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I got my telescope in November 2003. Even though I'm fairly new to observing with a good scope, I've been looking up since I was a kid. All of these photos were taken with my Pentax ME Super 35mm camera (except where noted). Some were piggybacked on my scope (the scenic and constellation shots), and the others through it at prime focus except for the sliver moon. That was my first attempt at taking a photo thru my scope - I held the camera up to the 40mm eyepiece. At that point I hadn't purchased a t-mount.

The Moon...

Eclipsed Moon

Sliver Moon

Moon and Jupiter

Moon closeup #1

Moon closeup #2

Moon closeup #3

Tycho (Canon EOS 20D, Celestron 8 GPS at prime focus)

Full moon (mosaic) (Canon EOS 20D, Celestron 8 GPS at prime focus)

Moon via webcam #1

Moon via webcam #2

Moon, Venus and Jupiter (2005/09/06)

...the planets...

Mars via webcam

Saturn via webcam
(Shot from my backyard in Renton, WA with a Celestron 8GPS scope and Phillips ToU Pro Webcam, processed with Registax software. Taken Feb 6, 2006.)

...and the Stars




Star trails