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This site is an archive of Seattle Astronomical Society's Website, which was maintained until June of 2013. This site is for historical preservation only.

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 Links to Members' Websites

Denis Janky: Zephyr Ridge Observatory

Greg Scheiderer: Seattle Astronomy Blog

Jon Bearscove: The Galileo Astronomy Unclub

Bruce Weertman: Original drawings of the Mt. Palomar 200" telescope by Russell Porter. Also includes images from the1999 Table Mountain Star Party

Julin Chan: HP calculator program for celestial coordinates

Paul Walsh: Astronomical CCD and digital camera images

Paul Rodman: AstroPlanner observing/planning software

Mark de Regt: CCD Imaging site

Chris Laurel: 3D Planetarium application: Celestia

Jim Cox: Website for climatically challenged or visually impaired astronomers and their friends

Rob Miller: Miller Beach House/Surfside Observatory

Jeff Allen: Local astrophotographer