Goldendale Star Party


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 Star Party at Goldendale

The SAS has reserved the group camp site at Brooks Memorial Camp Ground for the annual Goldendale Star Party.
When: August 16 - 19, 2012
Cost: Free to SAS members, nominal nightly fee to non-members
No need to register, just show up for one or more days.
You do NOT need a Discover Pass to attend this event.

The site is at 2500 feet, just north of Goldendale, WA, has darker skies than Table Mountain, easy access and all the amenities within easy walking distance. Pit toilets and water available on-site.

The Goldendale Observatory is about a 20 minute drive from the campsite, and well worth the visit.

The site is in high desert, so be prepared for cold nights and hot days. Yellow jacket traps are recommended, and bear precautions recommended as well.

Great views to the south and north (Sagittarius clearly visible just after dark). Westerly views historically restricted by trees.

Note that a large forest fire occurred in this area 12 months ago and the trees and ground may be extremely bare.