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 A Typical SAS Star Party at Green Lake

These images are frames captured from a video shot by Paul Ham during twilight. They have been processed to correct for low light conditions and color shifts.

C-8 and Friend

Skip Murray (far right) with his Orion 10-inch f/5.6 Dobsonian.

Unidentified stargazer looking through Hulen Fleming's schiefspiegler (tilted mirror telescope)

SAS member Bill Bruner shares his home-built four-inch Newtonian reflector for a daylight view of Venus.

SAS member Bill Bruner explaining why Venus exhibits phases.

SAS member Hulan Fleming (left) looks on as other SAS astronomers arrive for twilight viewing of Venus and the first quarter Moon

A passerby off the Green Lake walking path gives an enthusiastic thumb-up after her first-ever view of the first-quarter Moon through Paul Ham's homebuilt 4.25-inch, f/10 titanium "Jet Engine" telescope

A crowd begins to gather around one of the telescopes at an SAS Green Lke Star Party

Unidentified stargazer looking through unidentified telescope

A bicyclist stops to have a look at the first-quarter Moon through Skip Murray's Orion 10-inch f/5.6 Dobsonian at a Green Lake Star Party

Michelle Pillers and her Celestar 8

SAS member Sid Knight (left) and Bill Borshim from the Everett Astronomical Society

Michelle Pillers sets-up her Celestron 8-inch SCT for a Green Lake Star Party

Unidentified stargazer looking through unidentified telescope