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Events for the next 30 days

Events for the next 90 days

Local Star Parties

The SAS holds public observing sessions, or "Star Parties," every month at two locations - Green Lake in Seattle and Paramount Park (just north of Seattle). Members set up their telescopes at dusk. Viewing is always free and open to anyone, since we believe that all should be able to experience the wonders of the sky. More details can be found here.


This usually takes place in January and replaces the monthly meeting.

See here for details.

Special Interest Groups

See the relevant SIG for details

New Members' Meetings

New member orientation meetings are held three times a year to welcome new and prospective members to the club. This is an opportunity to meet other club members, learn about the basics of visual observing and selecting equipment, and find out more about the activities of the Seattle Astronomical Society.

The 2013 meeting dates are February 16, June 15, and October 12. All meetings are from 2-4 pm. Meeting location is in Seattle near Green lake.

Contact: Mike Dole, (replace "-at-" with @ to send email.) Please email Mike to let him know if you plan to attend or if you have any questions.

Other Societies & Clubs

Check their web sites for details.

UW Astro Colloquia

Check here for the current quarter's offerings. The colloquia are open to the public.

Regional Star Parties

Table Mountain Star Party

Oregon Star Party

Orion Nebula Star Party

Through the Clouds

"Through the Clouds" Google group is an open, subscription mailing list and official SAS discussion group with access open both to Seattle Astronomical Society members and to any person in any geographical location who is interested in astronomy. More information is available from the list owner/moderator at Capella7 -at- aol dot com.

The purpose of Through the Clouds is to link SAS members to exchange information; to efficiently advertise breaking news about astronomical events, general club business, and club activities; and to provide a forum for all group members, including SAS non-members, to discuss any astronomy-related topic. This purpose reflects the general objectives of SAS, which include promoting and providing meaningful astronomical activities for SAS members as well as outreach and astronomy education for the public.

To subscribe to Through the Clouds, go to!forum/seattle_astro (new format) or (older format) and click on the "Apply for membership" field. Complete the required information fields, answering the question about the reason for requesting membership with a simple statement such as "I am interested in astronomy." (This question is used to eliminate would-be spammers and commercial entities.) Or click on "Contact the Owner" or send an e-mail requesting membership directly to the owner, Mary Anderson, at Capella7 -at- aol dot com. The owner will then e-mail a special invitation to the person requesting membership, and joining the group will be as simple as accepting the invitation by clicking on "I accept."