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The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope provides the ability to experience interesting details of the Sun, including sun spots and solar prominences. The PST has a bandpass of <1.0 angstrom and is quite thermally stable, requiring very little setup time. The PST will show you prominences, active regions, filaments, as well as other surface details.

XT10i Image

 Features and Specifications

  • Objective focal length 400 mm
  • Clear Aperture 40 mm
  • Wavelength of Operation 656.3 nm (H-alpha)
  • Nominal Spectral Bandwidth of Operation <1.0A
  • Blocking Efficiency >105
  • Internal optical re-focusing mechanism provides compatibility with most conventional eyepiece lenses.
  • Built in Sun finder fully multi-coated doublet
  • Bottom thread 1/4-20 for standard fit to any photographic tripod
  • Approximate Dimensions of Main Body 15" L x 2.1" W x 3" H Weight~3lbs
  • 20mm Kellner Eyepiece
  • Orion tripod
  • Owner's Manual

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