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 SAS Solar System Ambassador

SAS member and board secretary Greg Donohue was selected by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to participate in JPL's "Solar System Ambassador" (SSA) Program for 2002. The SSA program is a group of 278 motivated volunteers nationwide who assist JPL in public outreach education. Ambassadors are given training and the latest information by key mission specialists. In return, each Ambassador must commit to holding a minimum of 4 public events throughout the year to help spread news and information about the exciting missions exploring
the reaches of our solar system.

The images are from Greg's six SSA presentations at the Pacific Science Center's Adobe Laser Dome the weekend of May 4-5. Approximately 150 people attended Greg's multimedia program, "On the Shoulders of Giants: Results from the Golden Age of Solar System Exploration". The show presented historical background and highlights from some of the best known early exploration missions, including Mariner, Pioneer, Viking, and Voyager.

Greg has also appeared at the Museum of Flight and the Woodinville Library. This summer he will be hosting the "Summer Solar System Safari" - a series of SSA presentations and activities at the new $7 million Cedar River Watershed Education Center at Rattlesnake Lake (a favorite viewing site of many SAS members that is located just outside North Bend).

Schedule information and descriptions of Greg's presentations can be viewed at:

Greg's Solar System Ambassador Bio can be found at: