SAS Board Meeting  Minutes 10/11/05


Attendees: Thomas Vaughan, Bruce Kelley, Burley Packwood, Chris Karcher, Scott Cameron (via phone)


1.     Banquet

-        Venue and date were decided: banquet to be held at “Rock Salt” at Lake Union on Saturday 1/21.


-        Ideas for a banquet speaker were discussed.  Bruce suggested Richard Barry, whom he will contact.


-        A banquet chair is needed.  Thomas will contact Richard and Beck Eckel(?), who chaired the banquet last year to see if they are interested in doing it again this year.


2.     Official greeter at general meetings

-        Elections will be held in the November meeting.  A candidate for VP publicity is needed.  Thomas has one member who may be interested.  All the current elected members have served less than the appointment time limit of two years.


3.     Treasurer notes

-     There have been several new member sign-ups and one renewal.  RASC calendars and books on order and should be available for sale at the next general meeting.  Membership forms need to be updated to reflect new cost of magazine subscriptions.


4.     Miscellaneous

-        A request for outreach assistance for Nathan Hale high school was discussed.   More info needed on what is being requested.


-        A possible request has been made to purchase one of the club library 6” reflectors.  It was agreed that if the offer is reasonable, it should be accepted.


-        The previous coffee and cookie provider, Ed Barnes, has stepped down and an award for his dedication and longevity is in order.  A request for a volunteer to take over will be made at the October general meeting.


Meeting adjourned at about 20:30