SAS Board Meeting  Minutes 3/20/06


Attendees: Thomas Vaughan, Bruce Kelley, Burley Packwood, Chris Karcher, Scott Cameron, Greg Scheiderer


1.     February board meeting minutes approved


2.     Astronomy Day

-        UW Astronomy day is on 4/29.  SAS will set up in Red Square.

-        SAS will advertise this event on front page of newsletter.

-        Burley Packwood volunteered to take photos of the event.


3.     Trail Fest at Rattlesnake lake – 7/22

-        Motion approved to fund $100.00 registration.

-        Thomas volunteered to man SAS table.

-        Request for volunteers will be made at general meetings


4.     Treasurer’s report

-        SAS checking account moved from personal to business account.

-        Move dark sky funds to ~2.5% interest bearing account


5.     PayPal

-        Thomas will investigate use of PayPal for new member registration, renewals, dark sky site, banquet.  Likely will not add surcharge for use of this payment method.

-        Investigate possibility of adapting SAS web site to include mechanism for payment.


6.     SAS Picnic

-     Schedule a picnic / telescope maintenance / star party for 6/3.  Location to be determined after various locations are checked out for presence of shelters etc.


7.     Comparison of  SAS with Tucson club

-        Burley handed out a sample of their tri-fold.  Tucson features generally similar to ours.  They charge additional fees for new member packet and Astronomical League.


8.     Membership survey

-        The possibility  of a membership survey was raised by Burley Packwood.  Issues involving a                                     survey were discussed along with the type of information that could be obtained.  Burley will work up an initial list of questions that might be asked.


9.     Special Interest Groups

-        Need to be updated on the website - some are no longer meeting.

-        Vive la Lune and astro-software SIGs are dead.  Sidewalk Astronomers and Dark Sky Observers are inactive.

-        Past participants and coordinators would be contacted to see if there is interest in maintaining these currently inactive SIGs.


10.   Table Mountain

-        SAS presence shall be a table with club info, coffee and donuts for SAS members.

-        Bruce will contact TMSP to find out if there are any issues or restrictions.


11.   Youth Group

-        Need update on status from Karl


12.   Dark Sky Site

-        Now have 24 members

-        Progress “thermometer” should be placed in newsletter


13.   SAS logo hats, shirts

-      Possibility of using someone like to provide individual orders.


Meeting adjourned around 8:45PM