SAS Board Meeting  Minutes 3/21/05


Attendees: Thomas Vaughan, Rod Ash, Janice Edwards, Chris Karcher, Bruce Kelly, Burley Packwood


1.     Upcoming SAS display at Seattle main library.  Janice Edwards showed some material to be displayed and additional items for the display were discussed.  Display to begin on 3/26/05.  Also mentioned was the possibility of moving display to other library branches when it is rotated out of the main library.  Janice showed a brochure the library put together to promote astronomy and various books on the subject.

2.     Astronomy Day.  SAS will be present at UW for Astronomy Day on 4/16/05.  Details are still forthcoming but itÕs generally an all day event.  Thomas Vaughan will be present but would like anyone else who can make it to be there as well.  There will be no SAS presence at Pacific Science Center for Astronomy Day.

3.     Membership Drive.  Various means of enhancing visibility and increasing membership were discussed.  These included:

a.      A greeter at the door prior to the monthly meeting to introduce SAS.

b.     The need for an alternate person to take memberships in the absence of the treasurer.

c.      Have SAS brochures and cards available at public star parties.

d.     Identifying and improving the intrinsic value of membership to help attract new members.

e.      Providing lifetime membership option.

4.     Dark Sky Site.  The proposed purchase of a dark sky site was discussed.  These included possible complications if the 501C is dissolved in the event of project failure, proposed initial Dark Sky Site initial membership fees and yearly fees and the possibility of soliciting large donors for assistance in purchasing the site.  About $50,000 would be required to own the site.  30 year vision is to buy back membership when site is paid off.  A motion was made to move forward an open an account to begin accumulation of funds.  The motion was approved unanimously.

5.     Request for assistance from Shorecrest High School.  The nature of assistance requested was not clearly defined.  Rod Ashley will follow up with email to the requester to determine what theyÕd like from SAS.

6.     Squawk Mountain Telescope Gang Deception Pass Star Party.  Dates have been announced for star party (7/29 Š 7/31).  Should we advertise the event on our web site.  Add to calendar?

7.     Banquet Awards.  A suggestion was made to do some type of awards at the banquet, such as best photo, most interesting project, most involvement etc.