Seattle Astronomical Society

Board Minutes

20 July 2005


In attendance:

 - Burley Packwood

 - Rod Ash

 - Scott Cameron

 - Myself



  Rod Ash regretfully submitted his resignation, effective in late July.

  He has other time commitments that will make it difficult to fulfill

  his duties as VP Publicity.  The Board will look for a replacement VP.


Pacific Science Center: Janice is meeting with Beth Amsbury (PSC) this week.  Janice is also going to check with the Bellevue Public Library to see if they would be interested in an SAS display.



Dark Sky Site fundraising: Need to make sure we have dark sky membership forms at every SAS club meeting.  Thomas to give an updated Dark Sky presentation at the next meeting.  We will also talk to the boards of nearby clubs (Edwards, Bellevue, Boeing, others?) to see if joint memberships would be possible.



Telescope Library: The current library has many unusable scopes, and in fact we have very few scopes to give to members, particularly beginners or people who would like a portable scope.  One idea that was discussed: sell off the unused scopes, and get a few portable, easy-to-maintain telescopes instead.  Thomas to start a discussion through the newsletter, and at the next SAS club meeting.



Awards for Astrophotography at the next SAS Banquet: Although the general idea is nice, in practice it would be difficult to give awards due to the wide disparity in photography techniques, subjects, and budgets.  We would at least like to have many photos from members at the next banquet.



Photo Archive:  We have realized many times now that it would be handy to have an SAS Photo Archive.  We are in need of club photos on the website, and for publications.  Burley will coordinate for now.  Where to archive?  Website is one option, although for now we can probably also burn CD's.



Dark Sky Site Insurance: Scott noted that a vacant land rider for the club's current insurance policy would be on the order of $250-500 per year.  This is another factor to consider as we get closer to purchasing land.



Non-SAS Events: A few members may be hosting private star parties and labeling them as "SAS Events".  This is tricky from an insurance point of view.  Thomas to follow up on the most recent events.