Seattle Astronomical Society

Board Meeting Minutes

24 July 2006


In attendance:

-       Scott Cameron

-       Zach Drew

-       Chris Karcher

-       Bruce Kelley

-       Greg Scheiderer

-       Thomas Vaughan


  1. SAS presence at TMSP went very well.  Same plan should be followed next year with table at strategic location.  Possibly announce club scope/camping area next year.
  2. Investigate replacement of Webfoot Web with more modern and versatile technology. (Zach)
  3. Trailsfest did not generate a lot of interest or traffic.  Probably not worth repeating next year.
  4. Info advertising Rattlesnake Lake access should be removed from web site as access is not available at this time.
  5. Zach Drew presented ideas for new member packet.  He estimated packet would cost $2.00 or less which was deemed reasonable.
  6. Scott Cameron proposed creation of a budget at the beginning of each year.  This would at least provide incoming board with some budget guidelines.
  7. Check on different options for printing and mailing newsletter.
  8. Dark Sky Site: Contact Little Nickel, possibly post on Craigslist.  Check on lease option from US Government.  Announce property search to general membership.
  9. General Meetings: August show & tell.  September Yoga for astronomers?
  10. Banquet: Don Brownlee suggested as speaker.  Would a different venue be better this year?  Need banquet chair.  Date set for 1/13/07.
  11. Elections (November): Positions up for election are president, board chairperson, programs, education, publicity, treasurer and secretary.
  12. Continue with efforts to set up Pay Pal for member transactions. (Bruce)
  13. Develop on-line membership form. (Zach)


Meeting adjourned at 9:15PM