SAS Board Meeting  Minutes 1/4/06


Attendees: Thomas Vaughan, Bruce Kelley, Bruce Kelly, Chris Karcher


1.     VP Membership

-        So far no one has volunteered.  Someone should be available at the general meeting to greet new members, so the option of doing nothing is not really viable.


-        It was agreed among the board members present to have an “official table” at each general meeting.  The duty of manning the table will be rotated among the board members.  The board member responsible for the official table will also provide snacks (cookies etc.)


-        Thomas will approach possible candidates for VP of membership.


2.     Banquet

-        A banquet chair has still not been found.  Thomas has a couple of people in mind who may be willing and will contact them.


-        A banquet speaker is needed.  Several names were suggested and the idea of bringing someone from the east coast was deemed a possibility.  Members present at this meeting will search publications and their astronomy libraries for ideas.



3.     General meeting accommodations

-     The UW room normally used for meetings has not been officially booked for quite some time.  Thomas will make contact at insure that the room is officially reserved for SAS.


4.     Dark Sky Site update

-        With 19 membership signups, we are about 30% of the start-up goal.  More activity in the Dark Sky Site committee is needed.


-        It was suggested that yearly Dark Sky membership should include SAS membership as a way of allowing members of other area clubs to participate in the Dark Sky Site.  There were no negatives noted to this.


5.     Rattlesnake Lake

-        Locks may be changing at Rattlesnake – Skip Murray has been the voluntary coordinator for access.


6.     SAS Phone

-     Phone should be retained but attempting to reduce monthly cost should be made.  A large part of the cost may attributable to the ‘customized’  SAS number, which should be retained.


7.     SAS Web Site

-        There are a number of items on the web site which need to be updated, including the board meeting minutes.


Meeting adjourned around 8:45PM