SAS Board Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2003
7-9 pm

Meeting started (Secretary was late) 7:05

President's Report (Stephen Van Rompaey) 7:05 - 7:10
Introduced Christine Oneto as our new newsletter editor.
Our agreement with the Parks Dept for use of Tiger Mountain is
expiring soon. Stephen is looking into renewing and expanding the agreement.
Stephen will not be able to attend the next board meeting (24 February). It
was agreed that we will hold board meetings as scheduled, and delegate
chairmanship duties as per the bylaws.
Action Item (owner?) - We should list certificates and awards for club members
on the website. This information may already be available (if out-of-date)
on the Astronomical League website.

Astronomical League Representative's Report (Loren Busch) 7:10 - 7:30
Last year's AL dues may not have been paid. Loren and Jim are investigating.
It isn't a large amount. The last record of payment was September 2001.
NWRAL (Northwest Region, AL) is active again, after a period of quiescence.
Gene Dietzen has agreed to take charge of the club, and is putting it and
its finances back together (thanks to some help from Karl Schroeder and
There have been some proposed changes to the Binocular vs. Telescope Messier
Observing Certificates (within the AL). Nothing has been decided yet.
Loren has details on the debate.
Action Item (owner -- Stephen Van Rompaey) - consider official roles in the
club for former officers who are critical for organizational knowledge and

VP Education Report (Mike Langley) 7:30 - 7:45
There will be a Star Party in February for a middle school. Mike will find
someone with a telescope to help out.
Will investigate our role in Project Astro.

VP Membership (Roger Steyaert) 7:45 - 8:05
Roger is right now looking into catching up on New Member packets.
Action Item (owner -- Jim Peterson) - Treasurer will provide a list of new
club members to the VP of Membership at each board meeting.
Action Item (owner -- Brian Allen) - Brian needs a list of current club
members for the telescope library.
Action Item (owner -- Stephen Van Rompaey) - How are family memberships to be
handled in our club? How are they presented to the AL?
Action Item (owner -- Christine Oneto) - Change the format of the Calendar in
the newsletter? Perhaps a two month calendar would be better.
Action Item (owner -- Stephen Van Rompaey) - Give people the option to opt out
of receiving a paper copy of the newsletter? There were some objections to
this, since we also use the newsletter as a way of reminding people about
dues renewal and meetings. Lumped into the general issue of membership

VP Programs (Brian Allen) 8:05 - 8:37
Brian is looking for speakers. Right now we have speakers lined up for
February, March, and possibly May.
Send Brian suggestions for speakers.
Action Item (owner -- Brian Allen) - look at pulling in more speakers focused
at the amature astronomer membership (telescope building, astrophotography,
2004 Banquet is already being considered. Brian is looking for locations.
Contact him with suggestions.
A speakers bureau has been formed, in association with other clubs. This
should help people find good speakers.
The book and calendar sale has gone well, and might be expanded. Brian's
rough estimate is that $1500 worth of items were ordered, leading to $250
worth of merchandise to the club. Jim's numbers at the moment are $1611.58
sold, with a cost of $1518.60.
Banquet figures: $2370 income, $2330 expenditures.
Action Item (owner -- Brian Allen) - consider printing more SAS business cards
to be handed out to telescope sellers etc.
3000 brochures and event calendars have been printed for 2003. These will be
distributed at local libraries and other venues.
Action Item (owner -- Brian Allen) - revamp the Observer's Location Guide.
Some work has been done lately, but Brian would like to see a fuller and
more consistent web presentation.
Telescope Library Status: we have around 18 telescopes, most are in need of
some sort of repair. 6-10 are in fairly good shape.

VP Publicity (Mark de Regt) 8:37 - 8:38
Transition went well.

Secretary (Thomas Vaughan) 8:38 - 8:39
Transition went well.

Treasurer (Jim Peterson) 8:39 - 8:49
Is investigating AL dues.
Is investigating double payment of domain name fees.
Action Item (owner -- Stephen Van Rompaey) - Right now we are dropping a
handful of people a year off the mailing list because they have invalid
addresses and cannot be contacted any other way.
Action Item (owner -- Stephen Van Rompaey) - We would like to distribute a
2003 Club Directory. There are some privacy issues to consider.
Last year's cash flow: $758 net income. Final balance was $10,845.10.
So far this year: $273.17 expenses, account balance is $9,753,63.

General Discussion 8:49 - 9:02
Action Item (owners -- Paul Rodman and Thomas Vaughan) - We'd like to make
sure that the website is backed up regularly. Paul will write some scripts
to zip up the contents regularly. Thomas will copy those to another server.
The question was raised as to whether we should sell items directly on our
website, or have a link as an Amazon Associate. There are some cost-of-
ownership issues of running our own web store that might not be worth the
income. Also, we're not sure what we are legally allowed to do in this area
as a nonprofit organization.

Newsletter Editor (Christine Oneto) 9:02 - 9:03
Please get stories to her soon for the February issue.

Meeting closed. 9:03