SAS Board Meeting


20 February, 2006


Bruce Kelley, Thomas Vaughan, Greg Scheiderer.


Notes by Bruce.

Astronomy Day


Discussion about various places to have a booth/telescopes for public outreach on Astronomy Day.




TrailsFest 2006 Š at Rattlesnake Lake on July 22, 2006.

Dark Sky Site


We currently have 24 members and $4700 in donations for a total of $10,510. We are approximately 55% of the way to our goal.

Web Site


It would be good for the board to meet with our webmaster, Paul Rodman to do a review of the website and some brainstorming. There are a few structural things that would be nice to change: Make the Dark Sky thermometer on the front page, give some visibility to planned programs beyond the current month.


It would be good to get PayPal club renewals online.

Presenters for Schools


It would be nice to have a list of good presenters. Karl Schroeder is good.

Advertising on the Web Site?


Starry Night Lights wants to give members a discount in exchange for a link. LetÕs try it. Ask Anacortes if they would be interested in a similar arrangement.



The pre-meeting slide show is great. Keep doing it.


Cookout, picnic event in June? Tentative. After June meeting.


Ideas Š Ed Mannery.


Sirius Optics? Tacoma club had them talk and they took a tour of the factory.


Pacific Science Center isnÕt showing Mars Rover in IMAX. They do give a group discount so we should think about doing a PSC night some day or weekend.



The Slide scanning is complete. Thomas will write a thank you letter to the volunteer who did this.




Dark Sky Postcards


Bruce will print 50 more and mail them to Thomas:


Thomas Vaughan


10404 Forest Avenue S.


Seattle, WA 98178


(206) 772-1282 [home]


(425) 445-5371 [cell]

Board Positions


VP Membership is still open.  Approach Zach Drew to see if heÕd be interested.