Seattle Astronomical Society - Board Meeting 24 February 2003


    Action Items
        New Member Packets
        Club Membership
        Club Directory
        Boeing Grant
        Domain Name


Action Items

     Owner Item
Brian Allen & Mark de Regt Check prices on business cards.
Christine Oneto New members should be welcomed in the newsletter.
Jim Peterson Will email new members to VP Membership more frequently.
Jim Peterson Will mail Word document with club letterhead to Roger.
Roger Steyaert New logo for club? Not a pressing issue.
Roger Steyaert New member packets will be mailed quickly.
Roger Steyaert Create membership cards?
Christine Oneto & Roger Steyaert Make sure all membership forms are consistent. Merge the Individual and Family Memberships into a single membership, listed as "Individual/Family Membership(s)".
Christine Oneto & Jim Peterson The next two issues of the newsletter (April and May editions) should have a notice that the club directory will be published in June. Members should update any address changes with the Treasurer, and also inform the Treasurer if they do not want their address/phone/email listed. Jim is to write the notice, Christine is to put it in the newsletter.
Jim Peterson & Brian Allen Jim will forward all NameSecure correspondence to Brian. Brian will lodge a complaint at InterNic.
Thomas Vaughan Forward copy of the club constitution and bylaws to Paul to post on the website.



The meeting started at 7:10 pm.


7:10 pm - New Member Packets
In general, it's been a while since new member packets were mailed out. The VP of Membership (Roger Steyaert) is trying to get a handle on who needs to be sent packets, and what should be in them.

Jim Peterson has provided Roger with the list of new members. The remaining task is to decide what is in the packets.

Roger had these suggestions:

The issue of membership cards was debated. The issue of business cards was debated. Since we were talking about cards, the issue of a new logo was debated. All are listed as action items. Decisions:


7:37 pm - Club Membership
We debated two issues regarding club memberships:

  1. Have a single annual renewal date for everyone in the club?
  2. How do we message the family vs. individual memberships?

There were several issues involved with moving to a single annual date for club members to renew their dues:

No one could think of a good reason to switch to a single date, given that it seemed to require more work and not provide any benefit.

So the decision was made to stick to the current method of allowing membership dues to be paid and renewed at any time.

For Individual vs. Family memberships, it was decided that we would merge them into a single membership. We only register one member of the family with AL. There are some action items associated with this, basically we want to ensure that all publications are consistent about the membership types.


7:50 pm - Club Directory
It was decided that members would "opt-out" of having their address listed, rather than opting in. This was based on the historical fact that very few people didn't want their address listed.

It was also decided, in the name of simplicity, that opting out was an all-or-nothing affair: either you listed your name, address, telephone number, and email, or only your name.

A date was set for publication: June 15. This should give us time to tell club members, and give them time to opt out. Again, there are some action items here, since notices will have to be put in the newsletter, and forms updated so that new and renewing members can opt out at that time.

It was also suggested that the directory be put live on the club website, in a password-protected area so that only members could access it.


8:07 pm - Boeing Grant
Brian gave a brief run-down of the $2000 Boeing grant. In summary, we applied for the grant, but didn't find out we'd won it until the equipment we had applied for was destroyed.

The grant specifies what sort of equipment we can purchase. We cannot get computers, for instance.

Brian's suggestion was that we let the UW Student Radio Telescope program know that we had this money, and see if there was anything they needed that we could pick up.


8:19 pm -Domain Name
We still have not heard back from NameSecure on the status of our double payment last year. Jim will forward all correspondence to Brian, who will file a complaint at InterNic.


8:27 pm -Miscellany
Mike has received some lists of awards from other clubs. He is still gathering information.

It was suggested that the club Constitution and By-Laws be posted on the website.


8:30 - Meeting Ends