SAS Board Meeting  Minutes 4/24/06


Attendees: Thomas Vaughan, Bruce Kelley, Chris Karcher, Scott Cameron, Greg Scheiderer, Zach Drew, Janice Edwards


1.     March meeting minutes approved


2.     Welcome Zach Drew, new VP Membership


3.     Space Day at Museum of Flight on 5/4

-        Maxine Nagel will take the lead


4.     Tacoma Rocketry in late May in conjunction with Tacoma Astronomical Society “Fire in the Sky Star Party”.


5.     Trails Fest 7/27

-        Thomas will head up with table


6.     SAS Picnic and telescope tune-up

-        Schedule a picnic / telescope maintenance / star party for 6/3.

-        Greenlake near Bath House Theatre


7.     Membership directory

-        “Opt-Out” for members who don’t wish to be listed

-        Email should be sent out explaining option


8.     Rattlesnake Lake Access

-        Contact Skip Murray to find out status (Chris).

-        Motion made and seconded to make Skip Murray and honorary member.  Coordinate with Vanessa.


9.     Pay-Pal for dues payment etc.

-        Process still in mid-stream


10.   Dark Sky Site membership meeting 5/10

-        Thomas has been to Tacoma, East Side, Boeing and Maple Valley clubs to promote membership

-        Bruce will contact TMSP to find out if there are any issues or restrictions.


11.   Club History

-        Info requested by Astronomical League


12.   Hats, Mugs, T-Shirts etc.

-        Proceed with CafePress

-        Progress


13.   Need update on Youth Group from Karl Schroeder



Meeting adjourned around 8:45PM