SAS Board Meeting  Minutes 4/25/05


Attendees: Thomas Vaughan, Rod Ash, Janice Edwards, Burley Packwood, Chris Karcher


1.     Dark Sky Site

-        Target price range and areas were explained -- $50K, north of I-90 in the general area between Cle Elum and Ellensburg are the most likely areas.

-        Availability of utilities and the importance of them (not an absolute necessity – just nice to have.)

-        Fund raising efforts to continue.  The Dark Sky site membership form was approved.  Possibility of leasing pads is one way to raise money for improvements.

-        Lifetime membership policy still evolving.  History of “Dark Sky Committee” or governing board was explained.

-        January ’07 is target date for purchase.


2.     Youth Group

-        Mike Langley had an announcement for the youth group.  How much should youth group membership be advertised and built up.  Current group is fairly limited.  Meeting space is in a classroom near observatory so space is not an issue yet.  A major drive to increase participation in youth group will not be made but the existence of the group can be used to promote SAS.

-        How things like the youth group are tied to the club’s mandate and charter.  Youth group is an excellent way to promote membership is SAS. 

-        Other ways to promote SAS are photographs of members engaged in activities.


3.     International Dark Sky Association.  A motion to make a contribution (membership renewal) to Dark Skies Northwest was made, seconded and voted on.  SAS will renew membership with the International Dark Sky Association – Dark Skies Northwest.


4.     UW Astronomy Day.  Success of Astronomy Day and partnership with the Astronomy Dept. was discussed.  More people were there along with more telescopes.  Some new memberships may result from information given out at SAS table, tri-fold pamphlets etc.


5.     SAS Hats.  As a way to enhance SAS exposure, the possibility of SAS logo clothing, such as hats, was proposed.  SAS hats would likely be a popular item.  Possibility of using hats as part of Dark Sky Site membership drive was discussed.  Janet Edwards volunteered to obtain some cost estimates.


6.     Official greeter at SAS meetings.  Greeter concept at SAS general meetings was reiterated.  A proposal was made to seek volunteers at next club meeting for people to act as an official greeter at each meeting.  To help make this a more visible and official responsibility some type of “greeter badge” or other insignia could be used by the person designated as greeter.


7.     Requests for assistance.  Rod Ash brought up a couple of email requests he has received: Assistance requested by a student at Shorecrest High School was discussed.  A request from an individual from a person trying to adapt a lens to a camera.  A request for volunteers to assist these people should be made via the Webfoot Web.


8.     Pacific Science Center.  Thomas Vaughan will make an inquiry with a contact at Pacific Science Center about an SAS presence there in the form of literature.


9.     Library Display.  Display will be taken to Bellevue next.  Other Seattle and King County libraries will be contacted to keep display rotating to different libraries.


10.   Meeting minutes. Board meeting minutes from the March board meeting were approved my members present.